If you want to travel to Benin you will need a visa. You have to fill in the visa form in 2 issues and you should enclose 2 photos too. Also your passport has to be valid for at least 4 months after the day of your entry to Benin.


    Vaccination is very important too before the travel. Without them you may get some very serious infections. Benin is particularly malaria-infected region and there is a lot of people are infected with AIDS or are HIV vectors. It is practical that you keep at hands your international certificate of inoculation. In general the medical attendance is not that high level and there is not many hospitals. You should consult with your doctor about the required immunizations.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry's advices to would-be travellers to Benin:


    If you want to travel to Benin you should pay attention to the danger of being infected by different tropical illnesses, the flaws of the touristic infastructure, the common power-cuts and the deficiency of fuel. We only recommend the travel with a person who knows local conditions very well. Hungarian citizens can only travel to Benin with a visa and with the required immunizations. We recommend to make contact with the consulate before your journey in order to obtain more information.


Visas are available at the embassy in Geneva:


Ambassador Samuel AMEHOU (with Agrément)

1201 Genf, Rue de Lausanne 36.
Phone: 0041-22/906-8460
Fax: 0041-22/906-8461
E-mail: info@missionbenin.ch